Now DevX-GameRecovery can recover C# code from IL2CPP (native arm64/arm32 code)

Purpose:  IL2CPP to C# (Recovery Unity game, Disasemble unity game, Game analysis, Examining the game code)

How does it work:

1) Decompilation of functions into ASM code
2) Metadata Analysis
3) Run ASM instructions on DevX Virtual machine and "some magic" for make AST tree
4) Convert AST tree to C# code

Supported cpu instruction set:

 - ARM64 (most complete support) - for APK, IPA  (DevX ARM64 Virtual Machine implementation level)
 - ARM32

Queued for implementation:

- x86/x64 (windows)
- WebGL

Tested Unity versions:
- Unity 2019.4.x (Unpacker version: 10.01)
- Unity 2020.2.x (Unpacker version: 10.02)
- Unity 2021.1.(1-7)f1 (Unpacker version: 10.02)

 Code recovery block diagram:

Convert IL2CPP to CSharp code